Tips for Saving Water during a Plumbing Flood Emergency

There’s growing popularity in plumbing companies focusing on green emergency services. The reason behind the popularity is increasing awareness of eco-friendly ways of doing things.

Today, you’ll often hear about green moving, green remodeling, and green shopping among other green trends. These trends are all geared towards the reduction of toxic and non-biodegradable matter through recycling and buying fewer items.

a water flooded house plumbing emergency

Plumbing can also save the planet from harm. Green plumbing comes in handy to save the planet by focusing on various water conservation methods and plumbing fixtures that are energy efficient.

Undetected leaks, leaky faucets, burst pipes, and running toilets contribute to water wastage and increased water bills. Green plumbing deals with saving energy and water for a better planet.

Homeowners hardly realize the amount of water wasted daily from toilet flushing, bathing, washing, and doing laundry. Besides our lifestyle, water wastage also results from unattended plumbing emergencies. If people continue wasting water, many states may lack sufficient water supply in the coming decades.

Floods and leaks resulting from running toilets, leaky faucets, and burst pipes should be treated as plumbing emergencies. They waste a lot of water while still increasing water bills. Fixing leaks can save you a lot of water annually, thereby saving you a lot of money.

Thus, knowing how you can reduce water wastage when plumbing emergencies occur will assist in reducing water wastage and keep your water bills low. Here are some tips for green plumbing.


Any kind of water leaks, including the smallest leaks, should never be ignored. You should fix them without any delay. Failure to fix them sooner will lead to water wastage, high water bills, damage to the floors, ceiling, walls, foundation, and costly repairs.

Maybe you’re wondering how small leaks can cause such massive damage to your property. Well, failure to repair minor leaks can turn into a bigger plumbing emergency.

Running toilets waste huge volumes of water. Leaking toilets are a little challenging to detect early enough. You’ll only realize something is amiss with your plumbing when your water bill is strangely higher. Fixing small toilet leaks can save hundreds of water gallons annually.

Whenever you suspect toilet leaks, add some food color in the toilet tank. A leaking toilet will show some color within the bowl after some minutes without flushing. In this case, try some DIY fixes if possible. Else, contact an emergency plumber for professional assistance.

Shutoff Valves

Frozen pipes may burst open and release huge volumes of water. They can cause massive flooding if not attended to immediately. You can minimize flooding by shutting off the water supply leading to a burst pipe. Doing so will prevent further flooding and water loss. You can find the shutoff valve below or beside the fixture.

In case you’re unable to find a dedicated shutoff valve to the burst supply pipe, simply shut off the entire water supply to your home. You can find the main valve next to the water meter. Doing so will prevent water wastage and flooding until an emergency plumber comes to fix the problem.

Always take immediate action whenever you notice problems with your plumbing. By fixing plumbing problems immediately, you’ll save your money and make the planet a better place for yourself and everyone else. Always turn off the water supply in case of a leak and contact your emergency plumber to fix the problem.